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EV Beach Party

Our office end-of-season beach party took place on Keewaydin Island on May, 28 2023. We all gathered at Sweet Liberty Catamaran to board the boat that would take us to our destination. There were about 40 guests in total; some from work, some family members, and even some close friends who couldn’t miss out on such an amazing event! Everyone was in good spirits as we set sail for our adventure.

Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely until it was finally time to head back home after what felt like only moments later. It really did feel like one big family gathering - we raised glasses high into the sky saying “Cheers” before eventually getting onto Sweet Liberty Catamaran once again knowing full well that another memorable beach party will surely follow soon enough!! Not only did we celebrate what had been a fantastic year in the office but we also got to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend in style with live music providing entertainment throughout.

We were so pleased to have everyone join us and certainly missed those who weren't able to make it – here’s hoping that future events are just as much fun!

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